Let the fun begin!

31 matches and I’ve only been a part of the Tinder community for 6 hours! I’ve already been asked out to breakfast (his opening line to ask was pretty cute “So how spontaneous are you?”, invited to go out and see the city, one dude I think was trying to feel me out for booty call potential (ugh, no!?) and if you’re on Tinder, you’ve probably noticed how some people will include links to their other sites. Well, after my morning jog, I see I have something in my snap chat inbox and it’s a snap image of some dude’s boxer briefs on the floor as if he just crawled out of them with something witty about sexting on the banner! Ah, totally caught me off guard, so off guard I can’t even remember what the heck it said.

Oh jeez, that’s when I knew I had to make this blog to document my adventures haha. Therefore, I give you guys, “Adventure Tyme”.

I’m 23 years young, new to Austin and just looking to meet some new friends and have a social life that consists of something more than just my family. 😛

Let’s see where this takes us 😉

Cosmopolitan, all credit for my Tinder adventures goes to you babes ❤ lol